Kemper Sisters is what it sounds like — a band made up of sisters: Shelby and Kelsy Kemper.

But what you might not know is everything else, like how they were born and raised in Los Angeles, how they have another younger sister named Bailey who isn’t in the band (yet), or how Kelsy is a much better piano player than her older sister even though they were both trained classically as kids. Their upcoming releases weave in topics like addiction, loss, and hope in the face of overwhelming circumstances. They’re just two storytellers, who harmonize in their sleep while dreaming about making the world a better place. I guess you’ll have to draw your own conclusions, and listen to the music.

They work out of a cozy little home studio and write all their own music with their amazing collaborator/co-producer Clay Burton.

Kemper Sisters’ first single Phase dropped March 27th, 2019.

Their second single All It Took, came paired with their debut music video – available now.

But most recently, the band kicked off their first EP with the song STRANGER. Also backed with a music video, which dropped December 12th, 2019!

Check out their youtube channel here!


You can find them on all the things… actually if you cant find them on something will you email the team and let us know? We tryin but… we independent.